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Loch Ness Tour

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Loch Ness Tour

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“A tour of Lochs, Castles, Historical Battles, and Monsters!”

Tour Itinerary

Loch Ness

The first stop on this tour is the banks of the World famous Loch Ness, home to our resident monster Nessie. With some fantastic photo opportunities we will make our way up the Loch towards Urquhart Castle.

Urquhart Castle

No visit to the Highlands is complete without a visit to the iconic Urquhart Castle, In its 500 years of being a medieval castle, Urquhart has played several important roles and been a popular recurring feature in and of Scottish history. In particular, the castle faced a considerable amount of action and bloodshed during the 13th to 17th centuries. It was seized by the English after Edward I’s invasion, reclaimed and seized again, was under the control of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots in the 14th century and was repeatedly attacked during the 15th and 16th centuries by the MacDonald Lords of the Isles arriving from the West.


The Tour will then make its way to the capital of the Highlands, Inverness. Take a stroll to Inverness Castle, currently used as a courthouse, and St Andrew’s Cathedral, which dominate the River Ness and one of the most beautiful riverside settings in Britain. If you want to do a little bit of Shopping while in the Highlands this is the place with a mixture of traditional Kiltmaker shops and contemporary shops.

Culloden Battlefield

Next we visit Culloden Battlefield a place where the way the Highlanders live to this day changed forever in 1746. The Battle on Culloden Moor,was both quick and bloody, it started with an unsuccessful Jacobite Highland charge across flat boggy ground, totally unsuitable for this previously highly effective manoeuvre. The Jacobites troops were soon routed and driven from the field, the battle only lasting about an hour. The excellent visitors centre will take you back to 1746.

Clava Cairns

Here we really take you back in time, around 4000 years back!

Clava Cairns or the Prehistoric Burial Cairns of Bulnuaran of Clava are a group of three Bronze Age cairns located near Inverness. A hugely significant and exceptionally well preserved prehistoric site, Clava Cairns is a fantastic example of the distant history of Highland Scotland, dating back about 4,000 years.

Cawdor Castle

What better way to finish the than a visit to the wonderful Cawdor Castle.

Cawdor Castle is set amid gardens in the parish of Cawdor in Nairnshire, Scotland. The castle is built around a 15th-century tower house, with substantial additions in later centuries. Originally a property of the Calder family, it passed to the Campbells in the 16th century. It remains in Campbell ownership, and is now home to the Dowager Countess Cawdor, stepmother of Colin Campbell, 7th Earl Cawdor.

The castle is perhaps best known for its literary connection to William Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, in which the title character is made “Thane of Cawdor”. However, the story is highly fictionalised, and the castle itself, which is never directly referred to in Macbeth, was built many years after the life of the 11th-century King Macbeth.

4-10hrs / Price on Application